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I offer Los Angeles County unattended death cleanup information and services every day. Call now for information and to setup and appointment if you care. You don't need to make an appointment to call. I will answer your questions as best that I can. With over 15 years in the blood cleanup business Cleaning after unattended deaths in Los Angeles County, I think I can help.

I guarantee my unattended death cleanup work as well as my price, and in writing.

I also have a Los Angeles County biohazard cleanup web site that offers more information on unattended death cleanup issues.

Questions I Ask

  • Can you tell me who the Los Angeles County responsible party will be?
  • Will you be using Los Angeles County homeowners insurance?
  • Can you tell me if this work will involve a Los Angeles County house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, or other type of structure?
  • Can you tell me if death occurred in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or hallway?
  • Can you tell me how long the decedent (person who has passed away) remain down before being removed by the corner?
  • Can you tell me if the corners seal has been broken on the door and if not, who can open the door for me?
  • Can you tell me if there's running water and electricity available?
  • Can you tell me if you will pay by check or cash?
  • Can you tell me if there's any other information that might help inform me about the work to be done?

These questions help me price my Los Angeles County unattended cleanup work while giving me an idea of what type of equipment I might need. death cleanup work may at times require some demolition work and it's best to know before work begins what tools to have on hand.


My Los Angeles County Unattended Death Cleanup Prices

Most often I give a telephone quote and I will keep it, barring unforeseen events or conditions. My price for unattended death cleanup has a low price and a high price.

Because I have no connection to Los Angeles County Corner's Department crony referral scams controlled by corners investigator's, I do not need to pay a 10% kickback to a corners employee. So if a corners employee directed you to another biohazard cleanup company by handing you a card or a piece of paper with their telephone number on it, you know what I'm talking about. I do not need to charge you for a referral fee.

My Los Angeles County prices reflect my cost for the work to be done on an death cleanup. My prices will include my own costs for staying in business. My business cost include my license, my business insurance, my bond, my traveling expenses, vehicle maintenance expenses, cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment. And I must have a fair profit.

With that said, my prices remain well below my competitors prices and the difference in prices is sometimes so great that callers for my services can hardly believe he will receive the same service as other death cleanup companies will offer. The fact is, I 15 years of experience allows me to keep prices down. Plus, I have no employees for whom I must pay Social Security tax, health insurance, sick leave, vacation, or retirement plans.


Unattended Death Scene Defined

And unattended death scene cleanup will involve a specific area or a more general area depending upon the cause of death. In the great majority of cases involving deaths, which most often occur among the older population, death occurs in bed or in the bathroom in the early morning hours. In such cases the death scene will consist of a contained area that will include mattress, mattress springs, bedding, and possibly carpet and carpet padding below the bed.

Carpeted hallway floors will involve a smaller area than a hallway floor consisting of ceramic tile, natural stone, or other nonporous surfaces.

Many deaths in bathrooms occur on a linoleum floor which allows for fluids to migrate along the toilet's crowding, bathtub grouting, or walls and possibly seep below baseboards and into walls. In the case of a toilet with poor grouting, fluids may seep below the toilet requiring removal of the toilet. This all goes toward the definition of a death scene.

At times heavy fly infestation will occur. So we need to consider whether or not we want to include the fly population's part in a death scene definition. In such cases their presence may include an entire home. The question becomes whether or not the family prefers to remove the flies or have the biohazard cleanup company remove the flies. This all goes toward the price of cleaning.

In a worst-case death, "unattended death with significant decomposition," cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing parts of walls and floors may be required. In a worst-case incident, and unattended death by a robust person at the top of a plywood's stairway covered by carpet and carpet padding will have a large death cleanup scene compared to a recent bathroom unattended death a on nonporous surface. These conditions all go toward the definition of a "death scene."

Los Angeles County Services

My unattended death cleanup services include the following:

  • disinfect the area
  • removed soiled materials
  • scrub and rinse soiled areas and disinfect again
    remove mattresses, mattress boxes, bed frames once reduced
  • remove soiled furniture once reduced

What to Expect

Many callers reach me by telephone because they found me on Google or one of the other Los Ann gel es County search engines or directories. Some reach me by referral from apartment and condominium management companies. However you come by finding me, you can expect questions like those above.


Odors Following an Unattended Death

Odors arise during the decomposition process because gases are formed by the many tens of millions of bacteria at work. Not one species, but many species of bacteria are involved in the production and release of gas during an unattended death decomposition. Materials undergoing this process include internal source materials and external source materials.

Because Los Angeles County has a Mediterranean-like climate, decomposition will occur more rapidly during winter months then in other states like Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, and Vermont. There, freezing weather influencing the temperature of buildings in which an death occurred will slow the decomposition process and release of decomposition gases. Orders will remain less pungent, but remain for a longer period of time or at least until spring and summer. This all changes if a heater is left on in a building just as it will in Los Angeles County.

Blood and death odors will permeate materials with a cellular structure in many natural fibers. Natural fibers most easily permeated by death and blood odors include cotton and wood fibers. Also, some man-made materials will be easily permeated by blood in death odors. For example, carpet padding will carry a powerful death fragrance for long period of time because it is beyond the reach of room ventilation systems.

Likewise, a linoleum floor penetrated by blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) will harbor the blood in death odor free long period of time the fluids migrate between two layers of linoleum. A plywood floor will also harbor these odors if it has been soiled by blood and OPIM. In very rare cases, a newer concrete floor that did not receive find finishing work by concrete finishers may harbor these odors. In this case, blood and OPIM soak into the "crown" of the concrete and may even penetrate below. But this is in very rare cases and then buildings with concrete floors laid within the last year or so. It is not common but again it can and does happen.


A pathologist by the name of Arpad Vass conducted soil-analysis to improve forensics techniques to understand time of death as related by soil samples. His work has helped the unattended death cleanup situation more clearly. He used a technique from chemistry to analyze tiny tissue samples from a murder victim's liver, kidneys, brain, and other organs. If the body was less than a few weeks old, the tissue biopsy technique can tell if death was in within a matter of days or even hours.

His work led to isolating and identifying specific molecules that constitute the distinctive odor of death. For example, the molecules that cadaver dogs respond to could now be located in laboratory samples. So analyzing soil samples to determine time since death proved to produce some accuracy in value and does his of homicide cases. All of this research goes toward understanding unattended deaths in cleaning situations created by them.

Some homicides incidentally do become unattended deaths because the victim has been left to suffer and die on the world own. In some cases they remain unattended following death for some time.

Los Angeles County Decomposition

I write about decomposition because it goes to corner's department comments about time and death and length of time and unattended death remains in place. By now, the scientific measurement of human decomposition has grown in sophistication because of research projects found at the boneyard and other forensics related research facilities. As a result it's much easier for Los Angeles County corners' pathologists to give time and date and time "down" for unattended deaths.

During winter, flies are grounded by the cold; in fact, anytime the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, flies stop flying. In the summer flies continue to go about their business while reproducing. When the infest a cadaver they multiply their numbers as they make great use of their host. This causes what we call "differential decomposition" because the rate of decomposition will change with the number of flies and other insects using the cadaver as their host.

So in winter months the issue of differential decomposition carries less value for understanding of the length of time that a Los Angeles County unattended death went undiscovered. That's because insect life has slowed. In summer months, unattended deaths' differential decomposition will also slow in a tightly closed room where no princeliest insect was present. More, if air conditioning was on at the time of death, decomposition's overall progress will have slowed making time of death more difficult to discern because of slow decomposition.

These conditions all go toward understanding what involves a Los Angeles County unattended death cleanup. Unattended death cleanup takes time, and each element involved in an unattended death help to answer the question, "How long does an unattended death cleanup take?".

Los Angeles County




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