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Unattended death's come as a surprise and shock. In fact, the very phrase "unattended death" comes as something without any point of reference in our lives. So it comes as a greater surprise to learn that the Internet has many unattended death cleanup services available for Orange County's residents.

With over 17 years in the experience in the biohazard cleanup field, I've cleaned quite a few unattended deaths. I know that unattended death cleanup work comes hard for most people, including biohazard cleanup practitioners in the first months of their experience in this specialized area of cleaning, unattended death cleanup. For this reason I make my best effort to keep my prices reasonable while offering unattended death cleanup suggestions here and by telephone of Orange County residents. I know that not every one in Orange County can afford professional unattended death cleanup services.

I ask questions when you call.

Most often when I receive a telephone calls from Orange County about my unattended death cleanup service, I ask a number of questions. Among these questions I may ask the following:

  • homeowners insurance?
  • place of incident?
  • house, condominium, apartment, mobile home?
  • bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or hallway?
  • mattress, couch, chair, or other piece of furniture?
  • wood floor or concrete floor upon a covering like carpet, natural stone, linoleum?
  • Who will pay and how?

I ask these questions because Orange County unattended death cleanup is not something family members know what to ask. Most often the don't know where to begin and they really don't know what is happened other than horrific scene now exist in their home or the home of a loved one. I also asked these questions because answers give me an idea at least in the rough about what tools, equipment, including solutions I will need.

In fact, if I don't take charge of the conversation that important information be left out. I preferred that families in the responsible party understand that I work with email most times. I having a family member email answers to my questions when possible, I receive all the information I'm going to need to get started. Plus, the family then has a written reply that serves as a contract when price quote and work guarantees are included in my reply to email from America Online (AOL). This email will serve as a legal contract in any California Small Claims Court.


Does weather affect unattended death cleanup?

This question goes into directions requiring two answers about unattended death cleanup and whether. On the one hand, after an unattended death in Orange County occurs, the rate of decomposition will depend upon whether or not air conditioning is on, whether or not heating is on, and whether or not it is hot or cold outdoors. The warmer the weather, the greater the rate of decomposition and vice versa.

As for whether in doing the actual cleaning itself, it is better to clean and unattended death in cool weather than hot because odors, and the tendency to wear out after a few hours when it is warm. Overall, Orange County's Mediterrainian-like weather helps.

Homeowners Insurance

Families interested in using their homeowners insurance should know that many home insurance companies will cover an unattended death cleanup when there is structural damage. Structural damage means that a wall, ceiling, or floor has been damaged by the unattended death scenes issues or by the unattended death cleanup practice. Sometimes it is necessary to cause damage during demolition of portions of walls, floors, and stairs following unattended death.

If you wish to know if my work will invoke your homeowners insurance, call me and asked me to visit your home or call your insurance adjuster first. What I need to begin work is the telephone number of your Orange County claims adjuster and claim number.


Payment by Check

I accept homeowners insurance, check, and cash. I do not accept credit cards because credit cards became a problem over the years and end up costing me too much overhead. I keep my overhead down I can keep prices down for families that do not have homeowners insurance. This is important to those Orange County families that are caught just in that place where they may not have quite enough money to hire another company.

It happens that my prices are most often less than my competitors. Why are my prices less than my competitors?

My Orange County competitors must pay and Orange County corners employee kickback fee, a referral fee for sending families to select unattended death cleanup companies in Orange County. This is against County policy but the corner's department allows it to go on. These employees either own these companies or they receive a 10% kickback.

I ran across this problem many times while in the business and not only in Orange County but most the other counties in California as well as out-of-state. In any case, this 10% adds up in some families cannot pay the 10% and it means the difference between having professional biohazard cleanup or not having professional biohazard cleanup. It's not right. It's also immoral and unethical for tax paid Orange County employees to profit from their employment, especially in the death cleanup business..

Because I do my homework I do not have employees. Because I do not have employees I do not need to pay wages, Social Security taxes, medical insurance for employees, vacation pay, sick leave pay, or pay into retirement plans.



Cash Payment

I accept cash payment during or at the end of my cleaning task. I guarantee my work so families know that I prefer to get my work done correctly the first time around. Three times in 16 years I've been asked to return to work by families. On two of those occasions the situation was not as the family thought. Once I had missed a tiny bit of residue on a shower wall. In any case, I prefer cash and families appreciate my cash price.

Credit Cards

As mentioned above, I do not accept credit cards because they create too much trouble and expense.


Unattended Deaths Explained

This phrase, unattended death, comes to us about the worst time in our lives. We learned about the unattended death of a friend or family member. A enough to hear this term and quite shocking to understand what it means for cleaning issues. We have learned that this unattended death has literally stopped life as we know it in our home or the home of a family member. Nothing moves forward until cleaning is completed.

We are learning more than just this phrase that has changed our lives and the lives of so many that we know. We learn that there are companies that do unattended death cleanup work and we may have experienced a corners employee suggesting that we go to one of their chosen companies. We may have been relieved to discover that there's somebody out there to help. The fact is there's many companies in this business in the call biohazard cleanup companies. Believe me, corners employees do nobody any favors when it comes to sending an Orange County family to a biohazard cleanup company.

An Orange County unattended death calls for professional cleaning, but professional cleaning is not required by the law and most families can probably get the job done given time and effort. Of course nobody without experience wants to do this work. It is horrific in the beginning, blood in death odors are overpowering, and most people don't know what to do with the source materials.

The majority of unattended deaths occur because of natural causes. But some fraction of unattended deaths occur as a result of homicides in suicides. In such cases the victims have died while alone as a result of their injuries. In the case of homicides and suicides the death scene itself may be wider in scope and in the case of an unattended death by natural causes.






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Aliso Viejo should rank low on a statistical scale for unattended death cleanup services because of its income bracket. Income has a lot to do with whether or not somebody lives alone in one of the large homes in Orange County. In Alisa Viejo homes are rather large and family members may reside in the home; apartment dwellers tend to live alone when they reach an older age it turns out. It is the older folks in apartments and mobile homes that tend to require Orange County unattended death cleanup services.

Anaheim As the largest population in Orange County and assets will also have the most unattended deaths. With that said, we must keep in mind that Orange County unattended deaths occur mostly among our older population that lives alone. It is our social and cultural background that tends to lead us to live alone in our later years. And as our hearts grow weaker in our strong and sudden demands on our hearts in the early morning hours sometimes lead us to an unattended death when waking.

Brea Buena Park

Costa Mesa Cypress Dana Point Fountain Valley Fullerton

Garden Grove Huntington Beach Irvine La Habra La Palma Laguna Beach Laguna Hills Laguna Niguel Laguna Woods Lake Forest Los Alamitos Mission Viejo Newport Beach Orange Placentia Rancho Santa Margarita San Clemente San Juan Capistrano Seal Beach I ronically, even though Santa AnaAs a large population that includes a large percentage of older residents, because Santa Ana has a higher proportion of Latino residents, the percentage of unattended death death cleanup efforts by Orange County biohazard cleanup companies is not as high as it might be in similar cities, cities with a similar population percentage of older people. It's because of economic concerns that fewer older people and Santa Ana live alone that there are fewer unattended death cleanup services in the city.

For example, take Irvine, Irvine now has many apartments where a high percentage of older people live alone. Here we expect a higher percentage of unattended death cleanup taking place and we do find that occurring.

Stanton Tustin Villa Park Westminster Anaheim Island Big Canyon Country Club Island Coto de Caza Covenant Hills Dove Canyon East Irvine El Modena Emerald Bay Ladera Ranch Las Flores Yorba Linda Midway City has a relatively small population while it has a fairly high percentage of unattended death cleanup activity occurring because of its charity housing. Unattended deaths cleanup's tend to occur more often in charity housing because of the residence previous drug and alcohol abuse.
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Rancho Mission Viejo Rossmoor Silverado Sunset Beach Trabuco Canyon