Unattended Death Cleanup



The rate of decomposition is not the same in the summer as it is in the winter. If in the summer and air conditioner set low remains running following a death, conditions really main less severe than if no air conditioning is available. Also, consider that heat and humidity will play a role in the rate of decomposition. So, and unattended death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in July will have a different rate of decomposition then and unattended death in Seattle, Washington. Here's another explanation for what may happen. I was once called to an unattended death scene in Wyoming where an elderly lady had passed away in a lounge chair.

Apparently, the lady passed away instantly while seated near an open window. At the time she passed the weather was mild. Within a few hours the temperature dropped rapidly and a heavy snow fell. For a week the temperature remained at or near freezing. As a result, the composition was very slow and there's very little damage to the chair. The point, environmental conditions have a heavy influence over the rate of decomposition.





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